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Our lives dependon technology for everything.weare a transformedsociety.Our cultures hive changed. Our lifestyles have changed. There are so many changes that technology brings.The changes are happening at avery fast pace.This showsthat man will continue to rely on technology for everything .everywhere you go people talk of technology.The poker Indonesia has connected people .WE must  fight off crimes ensuringtechnology  remains our main  activity.Technology  hasforsure done alot for mankind.WE appreciate and recognize the goodworkof technology.The online games have made somany people tobecome millionaires.The coming of computeshasjust changedeverything.Our civilized society hasits made .morepeople to usetechnology to benefitthemselves.WE must be protected.The cyber-crimesare now too much.Illegal transactions havealsobeenreported.The enemiesof progressare known.WE gfight out thesecrimes.Our security agents must helpus in the fight.ourlives are our own.

in order to ensure we  are safe, we must share vital information with the police.Let us leave nothingto chance.WE musttake control.There arecasesof corruptsecurityofficerswhich make the fightagainst crimes harder r forus to operate.Our lives rotates around technology.Everywhere you go peopletalkof technology.WE must protect ourselvesfrom extinction.So many liveshavebeenlost thoughcyber crimes.

Wemust use technology to improve  ours securitysystems.Oncethesystemsare improved,weshall be able totrackandarrest the criminalseasily.The vehicles are also the products of technology.We are for surebetter off than we may think.Technoycaetotransfrmus.AS a  transformedsocietywe appreciate and recognize themanychanges broughtby technology.

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