There are a lot of people who visit online casinos every once in a while. Some goes there to look around and see what the hype is all about. Some play a few games and then quit altogether. Some spin a slot and stay for a long time. Not everyone can notice it but there are different types of online casino players.


There is at least one Newbie in every online casino. This player tries to befriend everyone. He or she often plays it cool. Especially when he or she has no idea of what is about to happen. This player looks like he or she knows everything about the gameplay. The Newbie bets in the very last minute. He or she often asks questions that are not related to the game. Or questions that need no answers at all. The Newbie almost always wins when you least expect him or her to do so.

Old Dog

This is the absolute opposite of the Newbie. This player is often someone in his early 40’s or 50’s. The Old Dog has a sharp sense of humour but is very cocky. This player knows all the magician’s tricks. He or she ruins all the fun for other players. The Old Dog judges other players and takes away all their money. He is the only one person on the table who knows how you should do things.

Black Cat

A black cat often symbolizes bad luck. The same goes for casino players. This player is the favorite of other players. The Black Cat has no luck in games. He or she always places the wrong bets and always loses. But despite all that, this player still visits the online casino to play.

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Cheap Thrill

This cheapster will irritate you for sure. This player’s enthusiasm and confidence while playing is always noticeable. But his or her bets are always less than what you expect. The Cheap Thrill always plays safe. They have fun playing and that is what matters. They do not harm other players except that they are often annoying.


This player surprises everyone with his or her sudden appearance at the table. He or she looks around and disappears like how he or she appeared. This player never places bets. He or she does not join the live chat conversations. And does not play at all. The Phantom sounds and looks weird. Despite the mystery that shrouds him or her, his or presence is welcome at the table. His or her appearance and disappearance often becomes a conversation starter. The Phantom is often used by other players to distract others when placing bets.

Angry Parrot

This is one of the most despised players at the table. He or she plays well but sometimes loses. All hell breaks loose when the Angry Parrot loses. He or she will get mad and start to yell on the mic. He or she will type in all capital letters in the live chat. This player will not stop repeating how he or she lost at the game even after several rounds. The Angry Parrot will keep on talking about how the dealer cannot do the job well. This player will cuss until you want to leave the game.

Chill Pill

This is the type of person all players should be. This player enjoys the game. He or she pops in at a random game and plays a little bit. He or she wins and loses but does not care. This player only wants to have fun and play the game. Most players want to play with the Chill Pill because they make the ambiance lighter.

Every player is different. Do you want to know which of the above players you are? Try XE88 download and enjoy the online casino. Remember to be responsible and stop when you should.