How to know whether your poker game outdated

How to know whether your poker game outdated

If you play poker online for a while, this may seem a bit outdated and your game may suffer. Even if you are a relative newbie but you are still fresh, bigotry can sneak up on you. Therefore, from time to time you need to revive your poker a bit. Here are some things you can try to help with this.

To start, why not set or reset your goals?

What do you want to achieve by playing Bandarqq during the next three, six, nine, twelve months and so on? For example, do you want to move up to a new level and make a profit, qualify for one or two major tournaments or go big and sit in the WSOP? Think about it, write down your goals and briefly what you will do to achieve them. Keep them close when you play and use your ambition as a motivational tool.


Always play in the same online poker room. So why not try where you still have to play? Perhaps one of the smallest, where there is not much competition. Try more than one and find all the incentives to register there. Free chips will never hurt anyone, and in new situations, you can fight with new players. They say that change is as good as relaxation, so you should lose. Try a little variety.

Improving and developing your poker skills and strategies should be what you constantly try to do to become the best player you can be. There is a lot of help on the Internet, so why not use it and think about registering for an online learning site? There is much to choose from. Use your favorite search engine for research.

Another way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new is if you are used to playing sit-and-go tournaments, play one table at a time and then try several tables. Try two tablets at the same time to start expanding them, and when you’re comfortable, you can handle it.

Bad card game

When an outdated routine or a bad card game finally hits you, and it does, the above should help you get rid of it and try new things. However, there is one simple thing you can always do at the poker table, no matter where and when you are. There is no secret to this. What I’m talking about Only the power of positive thinking. Always think positively, so bad punches won’t seem so bad, and you can travel with them. Instead of cursing a miraculous card on the river, your opponent will turn you around and think about how many times you’ve been lucky. It will make a difference.

I hope you can try these simple steps to help you avoid a poker depression and give yourself a new perspective.