The growth in popularity is probably due to the fact that it’s possible to play over the internet. The Online poker is not only cheaper as per location it has also made the dream come true for all the poker lovers by earning millions of dollars by playing online daily. If you are also fond of playing poker online then the best the place is the mega888 site. Basically the game is quite simple but it is very difficult to master the game. There are different types of poker games however all types of games have same fundamental rules.

General rules of Poker

    • By –In: This means when you start the game, you must buy-in full for that particular game. In limit poker full buy-in is almost 10 times the maximum bet for the game and in pot-limit it is 40 times the minimum bring-in. You can only buy-in one short per session.
    • Shuffle and cut: The cards should be shuffled ahead of the distribution. To protect the veracity of the game usually they involve more than 2 people while shuffling and cutting the cards. At least 4 times the deck must be shuffled and the there should be minimum of 4 cuts in each portion. As no one should see the bottom card the underneath card should be protected usually this is done by using a cut card. Joker card can be used here.
  • Dead hand: This means you’re declared dead (drop out) if you throw cards into another players hand or announce that you are folding.
  • Betting and rising: The person who puts more money bets and adding more amounts to the bet is the raise.
  • Shutdown: It is a situation if more than one player is left after the last betting round. All the left over players check their hands to select the winner.
  • Misdeals : The below scenarios are considered in the misdeals
    • The first or second card of the hand has exposed by error.
    • Mistakenly 1 or more cards are kept uncovered by the player.
    • If any improperly faced cards are found.
    • By mistake if more cards have been distributed at the starting of the game.
    • The button was out of position.
    • The first card was placed to the wrong position.
    • Cards placed on the wrong side where player is not entitled to a hand.