Top 3 online slot games worth playing

Even though online betting has offered many betting games to gamble with, not all are worth your time and money. For instance, if you are looking for a popular site that provides an exciting and rewarding place, look no further than 918kiss website. Other online slots games worth giving a try include Zuma slot, online Monopoly pass Rainbow Riches and much more.


We should debate the first popular slot game about Rainbow-Riches-Slot and a high 20 pay lie machine that features three grand rounds that can seriously boost your bankroll. You can play this slot game with an as small amount as 1p up to 400 pounds to achieve an opportunity of winning massive amount as 200,000 pounds with a single spin.

Zuma Slot

Another popular slot that probably you should try is Zuma slot. Zuma slot is based on a classic PopCap game. With this slot game will be please to win a grand prize up to 500,000 pounds. You may not believe it, but it’s true. Also with as little as 1p, you discover fascinating tips and private temples for great winnings.

Free spin bonus is one of the great features you will enjoy with Zuma slot. You will receive by achieving at least three or even extra Frog Scatter signs in visible reels. It, therefore, activates Zuma-Free-Spin. You can therefore choose your lucky Tiki Boss and start creating extra free spins and fetch more bonuses.

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Monopoly Slot

Lastly, but not least, we also have an online monopoly sensation slot game. The monopoly slot game is based on a popular board game that is commonly known. The online version usually come loaded with the highest payouts and grand bonus rounds. The highest interactive online slot game can also be played for the only 2p for each pay line.

If you are lucky enough to achieve at least three instant bonus signs on the wheels, you will be awarded a Community-Chest-instant bonus for an opportunity to increase the number of your stake. So choose any instant animations bonuses to unveil the amount of bet that will multiply and payout big-time.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a big-time or casual slot player; the mentioned three games on this article guarantee to offer attractive winnings and entertainment hours. 918kiss, Monopoly, Zuma slot are among the greatest choices of the wallet size since they can provide you with immense fun and also get the chance of earning grand prizes.